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The Moon and Its Power

Full Moon

Full MoonIn Wicca it’s very important to understand about the moon and the power that goes with the moon. In the celestial world the moon is our closest neighbor. The moon is a lot smaller compared to the sun and doesn’t give out as much light but the moon affects the Earth strongly.

The moon actually influences everything that lives on the planet. Tides are created on every scale. The moon has five tides.

The influences of the moon which are lunar happens to be a factor that’s vital with the way Earth is able to support life. If it wasn’t for Grandmother Moon then life might not even be around.

People who follow the Wicca religion and along with a lot of other religions all have a great deal of respect for the moon because it represents the Female aspect of the great divinity. Yin is associated with this for many reasons such as fluidity and shining bright but at the same time softly. Due to the moon having these traits, it’s known as the Goddess – the feminine face of God.

This creative and awesome power comes from the influence on the Moon and that influence helps Wiccan magick and Wiccan philosophy.

The phases of the moon create a lot of energies that affects people and this is why it’s important that you understand all about the moon and what takes place during a moon phase.

Things you might not know that the moon can influence:

  • Breeding cycles
  • Natural rhythms
  • Herbivores
  • Death
  • Bears
  • Caribou
  • Dog trainers and vets become restless
  • Oysters become sensitive
  • Car and auto accidents rise up to around 14 percent
  • Women often times give birth if they are late or it’s time
  • Increase in bleeding ulcers, hemorrhaging and seizures
  • Psychiatric hospitals see a dramatic rise
  • Patient behaviors become affected
  • Passengers on airlines create a lot of incidents

These are just some of the things that the full moon can influence. Once you get to understand all about the full moon and magic then you’ll understand as to why it’s so important to be careful as to what type of magic you do on a full moon.


If you browse around online you will find many spells that you can only do on the full moon. When you are new and just starting out then it’s best to only stick with the spells and magic that you can do on the full moon because you don’t want to make the Gods angry and do a spell that you shouldn’t when the moon is full and shining bright.

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