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How You Can Use Positive Wicca Affirmations To Better Your Life


4296426003_384c391ceb_n-300x296There are ways you can improve your life and one simple way is with using positive affirmations. There are a few things that you should know about first so that way you do start using affirmations you will be doing them correctly.

Say your affirmation in the present tense. A lot of people make the mistake of saying affirmations in the future or past tense such as “I will be happy”. Avoid the “I will be” part. Instead you should say something like “I am happy and blessed by the Gods and Goddesses.”

Make sure that your phrasing is positive. Don’t say affirmations of what you don’t want to have. Instead, make sure that you say the things that you do want to happen.


You should not say: I am finally no longer upset or depressed.

Instead you should just stick with saying: I am happy and I will continue being happy.

Keep affirmations simple and always short. When you have a positive affirmation that is long then you might lose your focus. Don’t do affirmations such as: I am now happy and my dreams will come true and I live in harmony with others and I have a lot of abundance in my life and my world is overflowing with both harmony and abundance forever. Instead, keep it short to just saying: “I am in harmony with others.”

Always try to make your affirmations believable. Don’t do affirmations that you might not be able to reach such as: I am living in ecstasy constantly around the clock. This affirmation is just almost impossible and can discourage you from the believable affirmation such as “I am happy”.

Try starting fresh instead of changing it. You shouldn’t say “I am finally free from this heavy burden”. What you should still just continue to say is “I am Happy”.

Keep things real when you’re doing affirmations. If someone you loved just died then don’t say words such as: I am happy, I am happy! Instead, say “I am and I will always be grateful for the treasured moments we had together.” Allow yourself to grieve.

Keep everything vibrant. Sometimes you need to update your affirmation if you find it difficult to keep doing. Just change the words around until you are satisfied.

Don’t think about how things might come about when you’re doing the affirmation. Focus on how the results at the end should be what you want. Example:

What you should say” I am now engaged and starting in my career that’s ideal for me.”

You should not say: “Marry will offer me a promotion.”

Make sure that you always do affirmations that help to heal yourself personally. Look in the mirror and just tell yourself that you are worthy of happiness and love right now.


Always repeat your affirmations daily and act on them. Don’t wear only a half smile. Instead, look in the mirror and give yourself a full smile and generate feelings of belief and faith and know that the affirmations you say daily is currently working right now and coming true.

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