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Wiccan Protection Symbols


work_5807463_1_flat,550x550,075,f_pentagramOne thing that has been around for a lot of centuries is ancient Wicca protection symbols. These symbols offer relief mentally and psychologically. Almost every culture has been able to flourish in history by using their own symbols of protection and beliefs. You will find that one of the symbols might mean something else in another culture.

There’s not only Wiccan protection symbols but you will also find Hindu protection symbols, Celtic protection symbols, Christian protection symbols and many more.

Here are some of the most popular Wiccan protection symbols:

The Eye Of Horus

The all seeing eye: This represents a mixture of things but mainly it represents the all knowing, seeing plus the omnipresent eyes of God. It can also represent clarity, insight, inner vision and having higher knowledge.

Anarchy Symbol

Anarchy: A great symbol which represents freedom to do as you please without feeling forced under oppression of any type of forces which could be external.


Bat: You might be surprised but this symbol is one symbol that is conflicting because in the East it tends to represent good luck but in the West it has forces which might be demonic and not good look at all.


Butterfly: The human soul is transformed into something that has a lot of knowledge and happens to be very magical.


Cross: Everyone knows what this means in Christianity but it also means the same thing in the Wiccan religion. It is a symbol of the sacrifice that Jesus made.


Dragon: The bible points out that a dragon seems to represent Satan but in other Oriental cultures a dragon can represent a protective magical force in animal form.


Frog: Around the world a frog means a symbol of fertility.


Mirrors: Often times a mirror is used to help with figuring out the future and trying to figure out what type of action you might want to take for the future.

Om: This is a term which is Hindu and it is used to help with meditation and can wake up your consciousness. It’s also known as one of the most sacred of all mantras and prayers.

Phoenix: The phoenix is a symbol which is recognized universally for the rebirth and the rising from the ashes of great defeat.

Spiral: This represents the continuity, evolution, fertility plus the female womb plus in many religions it represents the ancient Goddess.

Square: A physical world is represented with the square. It represents the four corners and the four directions.

Sun and moon: These two symbols represent duality and unity. They have a similar concept to the Yin and Yang.


These are just a few of the Wiccan protection symbols out there. Once you start to really study and learn more about Wicca you will find many more such as your totem, wheel of dharma, wishbone and the famous yin yang. Just keep on reading and studying and see what symbols you feel comfortable with and that you can use to help you with protection.

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