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5 Wicca Altar Tools For The Beginner


SamsungWhen you are new to Wicca then some of the tools that you need for your altar could be confusing or you might not know what to put out on your altar. Most of the tools are basic and simple but what’s more important is how you use these tools. You will find that there are certain rules in regards to the tools that you use and you’ll need to study on those rules.

If you feel uncomfortable with putting together an altar right away then don’t because there is no rule saying that you must have one. Listen to your heart and decide for yourself as to what is best for you. Here are a few of the tools that can come in handy whenever you decide it’s time to make an altar.

5 Wicca Altar Tools For The Beginner:

The athame is considered one of the prime altar tools. Usually the athame or ritual knife comes with a black handle and often times are metal but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can also use carved stone or wood. The reason why an athame is used is because it helps with directing the energy and can be used to cast a ritual circle. Other times it can also be used to help with cutting ties that might be energetic.

Bells are something else that you should have at your altar. When you ring the bell then it helps with getting the attention of the Goddess. Bells can also be used to help with clearing the energy and it can quickly become a very useful aid in healing energy.

You need to have candles for every direction and they should be certain colors. For the north direction it should be black, brown or green. For the east direction it should be white or yellow. For the south direction it should be either orange or red. For the west direction you can have either aqua or blue. For the centre you can use gold, silver or white or you can use the God and Goddess candles. These candles help with invoking and with also holding the powers of the direction.

Another important tool to have is the Wiccan chalice. The reason why this tool is so vital is because it is known as and signifies Mother Goddess. This is why people call it the yin altar tool. There are many types of chalices available. Silver is often times the choice of color for a chalice. You can have a fancy chalice or just a basic one.

A wand is something else that you can have at the altar. The wand is usually made of natural materials but wood is considered to be the traditional material. You can use a wand to help with channeling the energy or you can also use it for divination. Wands can be used to help with casting and recalling the circles. A magical wand also represents the yang, energy or god.


These are just a few of the tools that you might want to have at your altar. Some of the other tools include a broom, cauldron, sword, stones and crystals, feathers, salt water and a libation dish. Just study the tools and figure out what ones you feel comfortable using at your altar and enjoy becoming closer to the Gods and Goddesses after you create your altar.

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