Everything You Need To Know About Wicca

How You Can Get Started In Wicca


wicca8One question that you see asked a lot is “how can I get started in Wicca?” but even though the question is asked a lot the answer is not simple. You just don’t go in a place and fill out applications to begin your journey. Instead, what you should be doing is thinking about a variety of things.

Evaluate and learn where you stand in Wicca. Come up with some goals that will help you to grow in Wicca. For example: Where are you at now and where do want to be this time next year? How do hope to achieve those goals? When you’re writing down the answers be open and honest with yourself and know that you won’t reach your goals over night.

Educate yourself on Wicca. Read books that talk about the Wiccan path. Some books recommended for Wicca beginners include:

Wicca For One: The Path of Solitary Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland

Wicca: The Complete Craft by Jeanne Mclarney and D.J. Conway

A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans and Pagans: Practical Guidance for Sharing Your Path by Thea Sabin

These are just a few of the books that you can find which can help you to become more educated. You can research online at places likes Amazon and find even more Wicca books.

Find ways to connect with Wicca people locally. Reading up on Wicca and learning about it online is great but sometimes connecting with local Wicca people is the best way to learn. Have study groups with them. The best way to do is with seeing if there are any Wicca shops that might have study groups or you can check on Craigslist for local Wicca meet ups. You can also connect to people online by joining Wicca forums and talking with them.

Learn about the Wicca tools. There are many tools and supplies involved in Wicca and as you get started in Wicca it is important that you learn about them and the best way to do this is by reading books and joining forums that can help you better understand Wicca tools and how they can help you on this journey.

Study nature. When you decide to become Wicca then one thing that you should start learning about is nature. Always show the up most respect for nature because nature plays a big role with Wicca. Recycle when you can and remember that the earth is sacred and you should treat it that way. Plant gardens and learn about herbs and vegetables and see how they can benefit you on this journey.

Be grateful. You don’t have to honor the great Divine by just attending the Sabbats yearly. Instead of waiting for a certain time of year to honor the divine start out the day with thanking the Gods and the universe. You should also acknowledge all of the gifts that you have to them and show gratitude for them. Write down your gifts and see how they change yearly. When you’re grateful then it shows and people will want to help you.

Start behaving in a very honorable way. Whenever you make promises then keep them. When you see someone might need some help then try and help them. If someone ends up offering help to you then be grateful for them and show them kindness. Always remember that your words plus your actions has impact in the magical and non magical world but also has impact on other people. You never want to make the Gods angry with your behavior. When you behave in a way that is honorable then people in this path will also connect with you easier.


When you get started on the Wicca path then you need to also prepare yourself to change on the inside. Don’t become comfortable with the way that you are, instead always look for ways to improve your lifestyle and see how you can become closer to the Gods. Remember, people will also be looking up to you and as you grow, you will see just how magical the Wicca life can turn out to be.

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