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The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meanings

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is a Norse God known as Odin. His main quest is to earn the Runes knowledge and that is why he is hanging from the World Tree for exactly 9 days. His quest is all about seeking the truth from within. This card is all about surrendering yourself ultimately and breaking old habits and patterns which might restrict what you do right now.

The Hanged Man Up Right Tarot Card Meaning

When the hanged man is facing up right in a tarot reading then you might find yourself postponing decisions or either actions. If there is any decision making that needs to be done, stalling yourself on making those could end up helping you instead of hurting you. Take time to look at the situation at hand and consider all of the outcomes of the situation. Waiting might be exactly what you need to do in order to help with gaining order in your life again.

You might also feel restricted or stuck in your life right now. Meditate and find out why you are feeling this way right now. If you are feeling restricted then release yourself from those feelings. The hanged man is also about freeing yourself and letting go and sometimes the best way to do this is with accepting your situation and then letting go.

Hanged Man Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the hanged man is reversed then you need to look within yourself more and find another perspective in your life. You might feel as if u are trying to sacrifice a lot but without getting much in return and it could make you feel extremely tired because of it. Your dreams and goals have been put on hold and you feel as if you are not moving forward in your life right now or might even be moving backwards.

A decision needs to be made and you keep putting it off. You hope that in time it will work out but it won’t and putting this off will just make it worse. You need to realize that while things might have been going great at one point, there are problems happening right now and you cannot rush them with getting them fixed but you also don’t want things to be put on hold from it.

You might also be struggling with your faith right now and this is another reason as to why meditation might be important for you to do. When you meditate, look deep within and this will help with restoring the faith that you have and bring peace back into your life.

Upright: restricted, sacrifice, waiting and letting go

Reversed: delay, restless, tired, martyrdom, lack of faith

Justice Tarot Card Meanings


The Justice Tarot card is all about laws but it deals with the laws that you would not find that apply to mankind. The Sword of Justice is a double edged sword and punishment might be waiting for the ones who have been done wrong or either rewarded for the ones who have done good. The cause and effect law come into play with this card. Whatever actions you do in life will somehow have some sort of effect.

Justice Tarot Card Upright Meaning

When the Justice Tarot card is upright than fairness and justice comes into play.  You will be judged for your actions accordingly but do not fear. The upright Justice card is good and confirms that things will work out for you in time.

The Justice card is a good reminder that even though things might work out good for you now all of your actions in time will have an effect in some way and that you should learn a lesson that the future actions you do might change your situation in life. You need to always be honest and extend the honesty to other people.

Justice is also all about the truth in a situation. Be objective right now and try not to just hear what other people might have to say. Follow your heart and be fair when it’s needed.

There is something going on in your life that requires a decision which needs to be made. You might need to give that something either meditation or attention or even a possible solution to help you with making that decision. If you’re unsure about the decision, meditate first.

Justice Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

When the Justice Tarot card comes up as reversed then this means you have been dishonest to not only yourself but also to other people. You need to start living up to the situation going on in your life and be honest about it. Things can change and get better in time after you have learned and take responsibility for what is going on right now in your life.

If you’re involved in a legal situation right now the outcome might be unfair and you could end up disputing it. You might find yourself with a lot of complications legally and the whole process might cause you to question the legal system.

Take time out to meditate on your life and see how you can stop judging others in your life unfairly. Give people a chance in life when needed. The opinions you have right now might be biased because others have swayed you and this is why meditation is important right now because it can help to put things in the right prospective for you and open your eyes.

Upright: cause and effect, truth, justice, good

Reversed: not truthful, lying, biased

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings


The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card is a card which is all about success, growth and opportunity plus expansion. It’s a card of the planet Jupiter and it’s symbolic of a lot of incredible meanings. It’s a major arcane card.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Upright Meaning

Things always go in cycles and the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card confirms that it does. Sometimes the cycles might be either good or bad and at times even extremely challenging and difficult. However, there will soon come a time in your life that things will slow down and not be as hard. You’ll be able to start focusing on fun and a lot of your stress will leave.

There is a lesson that comes with the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card and that is you need to accept the ups and all of the downs that happen in life. Learn from them and grow. The bad times might be just the thing that help to provide all of the good times that you have coming. When the good times happen then enjoy them and let it be at time to strengthen you. When things might be at a real low point in your life, this card suggests that to not give up but that things will get better for you.

Don’t just stand still and take what all you get in life. Work towards trying to improve your current situation and see what all you can make out of it. It can be easy to get tired and want to give up during adversity but don’t become discouraged. It’s natural to experience adversity in life but what’s important is how you grow from it and conquer the problems that you have at hand.

Remember, what goes around comes around and that you are at a point in your life where things might start looking up again and that you might even witness miracles or either have a series of events that take place which make you feel extremely fortunate. This is a good reminder to always stay positive even when times are down.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

Luck is currently not on your side right now. Events have been changing and favor is not on your side and it might even seem as if it is on the worst for you right now. You feel powerless and helpless. Take the time out right now to think about all of your circumstances in life which happen to be unfortunate and outside of your current control. How can you improve your current situation? There might be current setbacks but try to learn from them so you won’t repeat the same problems again.

There might also be a change happening which is feeling forced upon you right now or you might be resistant to it. This could cause a great deal of stress for you. Take time out to meditate more and try to see what all you can do to help with being able to accept the change going on right now.

Upright: karma, good luck, a point in your life that will be turning for the better, destiny

Reversed: feeling out of control, bad luck, external forces that are negative seem to be working, not a good time to gamble or play games.

Strength Tarot Card Meanings


A lot of people are often times mislead when they see the Strength tarot card meaning show up in the card. They think it refers to the physical body but it does not and so it’s important to keep that In mind when this card comes up in the reading. This is a Major Arcana card that’s all about feelings, beliefs and ideas. Strength is not about what all you can lift up or either how fast you might be able to run but it’s about your character and how much you can control your emotions and rise above your emotions.

Strength Tarot Card Meanings Upright Meaning

When this card is reversed it means that you pay attention to the way others feel and give the space that they need. You can forgive easily and happen to be very accepting. You can influence other people in a gently way and the environment you have created around you is trusting and safe. You can coax other people to the way that you think and persuade them in a soft way.

You can control the situations around you easily regardless as to how tough the situation might be right now. Enlightenment comes when the time is eventually right. You cannot rush enlightenment and when it comes, you’ll be amazed as to what all happens and follows. Strength is also a card that serves as a gentle reminder that you should be patient and might need to withdraw for the time being. Whatever happens, you will have a lot of endurance to help you with overcoming the task at hand but it’s best to not rush the situation.

Strength Tarot Card Meanings Reversed

When the strength tarot card is reversed then it shows weakness. You might have a lot of questions about your journey and rather if you are headed in the right direction or not. Courage is something that you are lacking right now. You might feel vulnerable and inadequate. These feelings only exist just to you and you are not in tune right now with your inner strength so, try to reconnect and meditate to help you with getting back to it.

You find yourself doubting things right now and might struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem. You find yourself not taking the lead and becoming possibly dependent on how others feel and their actions. Now is the time to step up and become the leader that you need to be and free yourself from any self-doubt that you have.

Aggression could be something else that you might be going through right now and might want to consider anger management courses or doing meditation to help with calming down inside right now. Meditation might be the key to many things in your life right now to help with bringing back the balance that you need to find that inner strength.

Upright: control, courage, strength, compassion and patience

Reversed: doubting yourself, weakness, not having enough discipline

The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings


The Chariot, being associated with Cancer, the astrological sign represents the celestial influences. The Chariot also indicates energy that is controlled and also with having goals and visions in mind. The Chariot is only holding a wand and not reins. His strength of will controls him just like the Magician. Behind him is the city that he turned away from in order to try and focus on matters which are spiritual.

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning Upright

Upright, the card is all about ambition, determination and making sure things get done like they should and being able to prove what you have. You can move forward in your life with the goals and dreams that you have by giving things your best shot. However, keep in mind that while it might be good for you to move forward right always listen to your heart and intellect to help with making sure that you are successful in life.

You will be successful at the goals you are pursuing in your life but you need to try and always maintain your focus on them. Don’t become distracted. Focus on the task you have at hand right now completely. Beat your competition and dominate by focus. Stay in control and stay strong. You will need to discipline yourself and use willpower in order to get there.

Be bold and start asserting yourself. Be sure that you look after yourself during this time with your needs or wants. Be confident in what you do. Take care of your health and also be sure to get plenty of rest. It might be tempting to neglect your personal needs while you are going after your goals but this might cause you to become distracted in life and not be able to do the things that you want to do.

Finances seem to be going great for you right now. You might even be looking for a job in transportation or looking to purchase something to do with it such as airplane tickets or a car in order to go someplace that you’ve always wanted to go. Make sure to watch after your debts and prioritize them before doing anything so that way your finances will still remain stable.

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning Upright

When the Chariot is reversed it means that you don’t have a lot of control in your own life at this time. Things could feel as if they are taking awhile and dragging out in your life. You could be worrying a lot about things in life right now which might even be making your health suffer.

The aggression right now you are feeling is aiming towards the wrong direction in your life and at different people in a wild way. This will drain you and your resources fast and is a waste of energy. Redefine the aggression that you are feeling. Don’t cling to habits or ideas that might be unrewarding. Take this time to move forward in your life.

You might feel as if you have lost some personal power and confidence at this time. Meditate. Gain control back in your life and become confident again. You have a mind of your own. Don’t let others tell you what way you should go in life.

Upright: determination, victory, will power, control and assertion

Reversed: aggression, lack of being in control and lack of direction

The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings


Gemini is the sign that is associated with the Lovers card. The figures in the card are both protected and blessed from the angel that’s in the card. Raphael is the angel of Air and he’s the one that is protecting them.  A relationship that’s healthy is often associated with Raphael. The sun is shining over both of them and that helps to bring in both security and warmth.

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Upright

When the Lovers tarot card is upright, it represents harmony, mutual attractiveness and perfection. The two lovers have created a bond that is very strong and often times reflects marriage or either being involved in a close relationship with someone. The attraction between each other is extremely strong in a lot of ways.

You are also clear about the values you have and you stand up for right is right. You can establish a belief system then decide for yourself the important things in life. You will need to try to be genuine and authentic during this time.

You could also be faced with a dilemma during this time that will cause you to make some type of decision or action. You will need to decide what is the perfect move for you to make and sometimes what might look negative could end up being something positive later on. Are you on the right path? Ask yourself questions before deciding.

Sometimes the lovers card also indicates the fact you could need to decide between the moral higher ground or the lower moral ground. Take all of the consequences into consideration before you decide to act upon your decision. Sometimes the choices are not very obvious or easy.

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

Review the consequences in your life right now because you are trying to avoid taking responsibility for them. You rushed into the decision for receiving instant gratification which has ended up hurting you. Try and make amends if you can but if not then you might just need to let it go, learn from it and move on.

During this time you might even find yourself in a battle with yourself and having inner struggles and conflicts. Difficulty and disharmony is making life even harder for you right now. You could be punishing yourself or feeling responsible for something that you’ve done. Stay focused, meditate, learn from your mistakes, seek help from a mentor and try your best to let go of your mistakes.

In a relationship it indicates imbalance. You might consider going through counseling together to help you with being able to balance things properly. Both of you have different visions and dreams for the future. Are you really suppose to be together? Counseling could help with answering those questions.

Try and get things balanced properly fast before they get out of control. You might need to work hard on this but it could be what saves your relationship.

This is a major arcane card and drawing energy and attention from within can help you right now.

Upright: choices, relationships, love, value alignment and union

Reversed: imbalance, disharmony, values misaligned

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings


The Hierophant is known as the Pope, Chiron, Shaman and sometimes also called the High Priest. Taurus rules the Hierophant. The Hierophant is also represented by the figure that is religious and sits within the church that’s formal. The Hierophant is a Major Arcana card.

The Hierophant Upright Tarot Meaning

This card is extremely conventional and that you want to have an approach on things that might be considered more orthodox and stay within conventional bounds which are similar to that approach. There are times that you might not be able to be innovative but find yourself having to adapt the system that is around you. You might be tempted to challenge your current status position but right now is not the good time to do it.

You might want to join a group or either possibly an institution at this time or either might even be thinking about joining the gym or possibly a group that is religious. You will find that now is a good time to join it and you will greatly benefit from whatever group you would like to join and will be able to learn a lot from the group.

The Hierophant also helps to represent education plus it is a card that is about going after knowledge. You might also find yourself seeking help from a teacher who is established right now to help you with being able to learn more. You might find yourself turning to a counselor, psychotherapist or a spiritual mentor who might be able to help you spiritually and give you advice to help with your skills that you have.

The Hierophant Reversed Tarot Meaning

You might feel currently that you are restricted and possibly constrained by rules or structure in your life and might feel as if you don’t have any control or either flexibility in your life. When it shows up as reversed, you could be challenging your current status quo and breaking all of the rules. You seek out opportunities which might appear to be rebel and want to challenge concepts and ideas. You question tradition and everything that is around you.

Reversed, people might see you as like a teenager who is in rebellion or either a young adult that might to question everything about society and possibly be active in activities which are political. This being said, you might find yourself running into problems often with the authorities or either with a figure who is authoritative.

You might currently be struggling with a person that is trying to rule with an iron fist and making it hard for you to do things. If you have someone in your life like this you might have only the choice to follow them.

If you find yourself arguing with people in authority more, take time out to meditate and do things that will help calm you down.

Upright: beliefs, tradition, religion, conformity

Reversed: challenging and questioning your current status quo and feeling restricted

The Emperor Tarot Card Meanings


The Emperor is all about the domination of your mind and sometimes it shows that it’s dominating over the mind instead of the heart and that’s not always something that you want but there are sometimes to where it’s welcomed and even necessary. When this card shows up then it’s all about hard choices that must be made. It’s important to concentrate and focus during this time even if it might be hard. The Emperor represents the world that is of structure and regulated. It’s important to balance both body and mind.

The Emperor also offers wisdom, advice and guidance to other people. He demonstrates authority and people look to him for authority and advice. He has the attitude of been there and he’s done that and people respect him for it. He tries hard to pass on his knowledge to the next generation. When there is chaos, he Is able to create order. He’s a strategic and systematic thinker.

If you are single you might find yourself falling in love with a person that is older than what you are right now. The person might be attracted to logic, order plus organization. If you are already in a relationship then your relationship will grow if you are persistent and patient.

The Emperor might even represent self control and power. You might soon be having discussions involving profit sharing and management.

The Emperor Reversed Meaning

When the Emperor is reversed then that means there is a chance you could be abusing the authority of power that is around you right now. The card suggests that you might be rigid with thinking and domineering and possibly insecure.

Reversed, it also shows that you might be feeling possibly powerless. Freedom right now only comes from structures and it’s not a good time to rebel. Try your best to take control of the events going on in your life and try to logically work on them instead of rebelling against them.

You might also need to take some time out In order to help with growing spiritually. When you don’t focus on logic and reason then your spirit might suffer from it in a lot of ways. Meditation can help you with being able to balance yourself properly. This is also a Major Arcana card and it shows that you need to try and focus with drawing energy from within.

Upright: Father Figure, Authority, Solid Foundation

Reversed: Rigidity, Excessive Control, Domination and Inflexibility

Spell To Stop Smoking


Breaking a habit can be hard but even more so, when it comes to smoking because of the nicotine. This spell was designed to help you with being able to stop smoking.

Here are the things you will need to have:


Charcoal Disk



A Red and a Black Candle

Chili Powder

Empty Box of Cigs

A Bowl


How To Stop Smoking Spell Instructions

It is up to you as to if you want to cast a circle or not with this spell, but if you decide to do so, then do it first. This spell is best done during the lunar eclipse or either you can also do it in the waning moon phrase.

Light your red candle first then say “The color of red is strength and power. I have all of the strength and power it takes to stop smoking day by day and hour by hour.”

Next, take your black candle and light it and say “ Black helps to send the things away which are bad for me and it can help with making sure I have enough strength to stop smoking today.”

Take your cinnamon, chili powder and ginger then grind them until they appear to be powdery and take the charcoal disc and put it in a bowl and take the cinnamon mix and sprinkle it on top of the charcoal.

Take the cigarette box and start tearing it apart slowly without breaking off the cellophane and do it in pieces that are small. Once you start tearing up the paper then close your eyes and start to visualize all of the nicotine that you have in your body leaving it. See your lungs becoming healthy and pink again.

Put the pieces that you tore up in the bowl with the charcoal and light up the match and put it in so that way the cigarette box gets burnt with it. Don’t light it up too much just enough to burn it some. When it’s burning say “This habit has no control over me and therefore, I burn it. My addiction is now gone and I am forevermore, free from smoking.”

Take your sage, light it and smudge the work area that you did the spell in. This will help to cleanse yourself of any effects that you might also get from the habit and will help with freeing your soul and body completely from the addiction.

Smudge the bowl that has the cigarettes and say “Within me, I have the strength and I have no doubt whatsoever, that I am free from smoking. The air is now cleansed with this sage.”

Meditate and know that you do not need that habit anymore neither psychologically nor physically. You are free from it.

Let the candles try to burn out by themselves if possible.


After doing this spell, think positive and daily see yourself free from smoking.

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings


The Empress is a tarot card of the Archetypal Earth Mother, the Feminine Principle, the Anima, the Goddess of Fertility, Freyja and Demeter. She is ruled by Venus, fertility, the planet of love, beauty, luxury, grace, harmony and creativity.

Upright Tarot Card Meaning of the Empress

When the Empress is upright, then that means a connection of the femininity is deep. This can translate in a variety of ways being creative, sensuality, beauty and fertility and could even be connected with nurturing, which this balance is vital for both women and men. When the Empress card comes up then that means that all energy that is feminine, you should try and create with it. You might need to create more beauty in life. Meditate and try to get in touch with your sensuality by touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.

You might also need to give yourself a treat at the spa, with having a great dinner or maybe just a massage. Spend some value time with your partner. You might want to consider learning new ways to help you with being able to express yourself creativity. A new hobby could be exactly what you need at this time.

The Empress card might also show birth or even indicate possible pregnancy. Sometimes it might also represent a new product, or a new idea that you are giving birth to or even a new way of life or being. There might be new projects and ideas coming to you that will be successful.

Spending time with nature right now could greatly benefit you. Try to go on a nice hike or connect with nature by just going outside for a few minutes. You’ll be amazed as to what can come about and happen when you connect to Mother Earth. You’ll start feeling refreshed.

This is also a card that is all about caring and nurturing. Mothers might be exploring the mother role that they have. You are very blessed. Fathers, if this card comes up for you then you might be trying to help with nurturing your child and this shows that the communication between you and your child is good and positive and encourage them to grow and develop.

Things will start working out in your favor very soon. People might start blessing you and you could feel nurtured. Accept the feelings and know that you are worthy of this and embrace the love that you are receiving.

Empress Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

When the Empress tarot card is reversed then that means you are possibly struggling with a loss of power that is personal and might be putting a lot of emphasis on material needs or either someone else’s emotional needs. This means that you are possibly neglecting your own needs. Introspection might be required because you might find yourself having a hard time with work and not being able to cooperate.

In relationships, you might feel as if you are challenged right now and that you have locked up your feelings inside and need to share them. Talk with your partner and tell them how you feel. You might also need to gain some dependence from your partner. The relationships in your past might have you struggling with being able to fully love and trust the person that you are with now. You could be doubting the inner beauty that you have and might be losing the inspiration for being able to create beautiful and relationships that are loving. You might want to consider therapy and meditation to help you with being able to overcome this so your relationship can survive.

You could also be straining the relationship you are in. Meditate and try to make sure that you are not smothering anyone or being too demanding.

Upright: fertility, abundance, nature, beauty

Reversed: being dependant on other people and having a creative block